Valiant Hearts: The Great War Launches on iOS

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Ubisoft has announced the launch of Valiant Hearts: The Great War on iOS devices. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the app takes players to the era of World War I, and follows a group of characters working to escape or at least survive the war. The experience is technically categorized as a puzzle adventure game, but it can be just as easily described as an interactive comic book or graphic novel, with its heavy focus on emotional storytelling and impactful artwork.

In each environment in the game, users tap and swipe on the screen to control their current character’s movement. Prompts appear on top of key items, people to talk to, or items to pick up or otherwise interact with. Users then tap on the item or replicate the swiping motion that appears on screen to complete tasks, from removing a blockade or throwing a grenade to turning a crank or climbing a ladder. Each action advances the linear storyline in some (sometimes only small) way. To put it another way, each gameplay sequence leads players to the next storytelling moment that pushes the overall saga forward.

While the storyline here is fictitious, textbook entries appear throughout the experience for players to learn more about the real history of the war and world at the time. This historical content comes along with pictures, and can be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Screenshots are also generated automatically when users pause the game, and can be shared to Facebook. Finally, Game Center support allows players to receive achievements as they play.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is available to download for $4.99 on iOS. The game offers an episodic format (four episodes in total), with additional episodes available via in-app purchase for $3.99 each. A limited time bundle offers episodes 2-4 at a single price of $6.99.