Using Social Tools to Be More Social

The title of this post seems a little redundant, social tools make you more social its common sense. Too often users of social media and social tools forgo social networking for social networks. The people I interact with digitally are important but every now and then you have to interact with people physically.

Over the past two nights I have attended two separate events. From the get go I was able to use social tools and social networks to help my networking. The first event I attended was sent to my be a Facebook friend, who I had never meet in person, that knew I was interested in media and PR.

Through my Facebook association I was able to connect with PR and Media people and participate in lively discussions. Afterwards, I was able to look people up, via Twitter and Facebook, and solidify the connections I made. I can now keep in contact with the these people and maintain strong relationships.

Last night I found out about an interesting tech event through the tweet of a friend. Unsure if I wanted to attend the event, I found the events invite on Meetup and started digging. On the invite page I could see photos and occupations of the 100 or so attendees. Seeing we had similar interests I made my way to the event.

I am currently trying to find contacts and online personalities of the people I meet last night and add them to my growing list of social contacts. This model of attending and adding has been increasing my online presence exponentially allow for both personal and professional growth.

The point of all of this is a reminder to all of us out there in the online social world that what we do online is to compliment what we do in the real world. We should never pass up opportunities to make personal connections to enhance our digital ones.

Do any of you out there have any more tips on how to use social networking to be more social in the the real world? I would love to hear them and I am pretty sure our readers would too.