Twitter's Greatest Gift

Everyone often talks about the great gift that Twitter has given people. No it’s not world peace but it gives us an opportunity to stay connected like never before. It […]

Local Politics and Social Media

I have been receiving a ton of messages regarding my past few posts on social media and politics. One observant reader over at, Henri, noted that I was only […]

Top 5 Things That Need to be More Social.

Movies: With Netflix getting ready to launch its set top box soon ,and rumors of a PlayStation 3 version coming out soon, movies on demand is about to take a […]

According to Standard Metrics, Social Media Just Isn’t Worth It.

Metrics are the life blood of PR. Metrics tell us how many people we are reaching and for how long we are reaching them. We then take that metric and […]

How Politicians SHOULD Be Using Social Media.

I wrote a post yesterday about politicians using social media wrong. I received a ton of DMs via Twitter and more than my share of emails. Most of the messages […]

Should Politicians Use Social Media?

The short answer is yes, and no. It seems politicians are suckers for the times. We all have read how Nixon lost to Kennedy because of TV and I remember […]

What is your Social Media Sweet Spot?

As PR/marketing guy I am always being asked, “How do I use social media as a pr or marketing to reach the public?” I wish there was a simple 1 […]

Social Media isn’t a Free Lunch.

The other day I was at a networking event that concerned itself with why more PR firms aren’t using social media as a tool to connect with the public. There […]

What Have You Done for me Lately Social Media?

I recently have been playing with the idea that good social media can turn action into voice. This is the idea that when used properly, social media can your everyday […]

If Content is King, Twitter is your Prince.

We have all heard it, “Content is king on your website… update, update, update.” The idea is simple, if you want people to explore your brand and visit your website […]