Upgrading To Windows Phone 7

Every time that Microsoft announces a new version of Windows Mobile, the same question is always asked. Will current Windows Mobile devices be upgraded? The answer from Microsoft seems to be always the same, yes it is possible to upgrade but that will depend on the manufacturer of the phone. My personal hope was that this issue would not exist with Windows Phone 7, but alas, it seems that Microsoft is again making the same statement.

I understand Microsoft’s concern because they do not want people to stop buying phones to wait until Windows Phone 7 ships at the end of the year, but I thought they headed that off with news that Microsoft would continue supporting Windows Mobile 6.5.x. Let’s think this issue through a bit. First, let’s assume that Microsoft is truly committed this time to make sure users have the best experience with Windows Phone, as Steve Ballmer said during the announcement. Microsoft has stated the hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 Series and only one current device, the HTC HD2, has the specs to meet those requirements. Unless Microsoft does not live up to its commitment on holding to standards, I don’t see many of the current Windows Mobile phones being upgradeable to Windows Phone 7. After all, if the upgrades are going to be up to the handset manufacturers, they will much prefer you buy a new phone than upgrade your current phone.

My advice is that if you are itching to buy a new Windows Mobile phone right now, get the HTC HD2. If another Windows Mobile phone comes to market with the 1 GHz processor, it might be upgraded. Otherwise, do not expect an upgrade for any existing Windows Mobile 6 or 6.5 phones.