Upgrade Android Picture Management With JustPictures

The Gallery app that comes with Android does a good job of consolidating all of the picture files on your phone in one spot for you to view and manage, but of course most of us store pictures in many more places than just on our phones. JustPictures is a free Android app that provides many more picture management features than Gallery and enables you to browse your pictures stored on Picasa, Flickr, Smugmug, Facebook, Photobucket, Windows Live, Tumblr, Deviant Art, and Imgur.

After you install JustPictures, which works on Android tablets and phones, you will want to tap Menu, Manage Logins to configure it to access the different photo sites that you use. Next, you will want to open each of your online accounts so that JustPictures can download information and thumbnails for each of your albums.

When you open an album, thumbnails are downloaded for each of the pictures and presented in a very appealing layout. Tap to view a picture, which you can view in portrait and landscape, and swipe to move between pictures. A slideshow mode is available if you prefer to have the phone advance through each picture automatically.

JustPictures doesn’t only provide the ability to view pictures, you can also use it to upload pictures to any of your accounts, and it supports uploads of multiple pictures at one time. JustPictures provides a significant number of settings to configure how pictures display. You can configure JustPictures to provide notifications when new pictures are posted to any of the accounts that have been set up.

Also included with JustPictures is a live wallpaper for displaying your favorite pictures. You can flag any picture as a favorite by tapping Menu, Add To Favorites. Settings are available control the speed at which the live wallpaper changes and whether it shuffles up the pictures or displays them in order.