Union Metrics Offers Free Tumblr Analytics and Bulks Up Premium Services

Union Metrics, Tumblr's preferred analytics provider, added a few highly requested features to its enterprise offerings and opened a beta test of non-enterprise packages.

Union Metrics, Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider, today added a few highly requested features to its enterprise offerings and opened a beta test of non-enterprise packages.

“Tumblr really runs the gamut — it’s a ton of creative people, sometimes they’re working for brands and sometimes they’re just individuals doing their own thing,” said Union Metrics CEO and co-founder Hayes Davis.

Union Metric licenses Tumblr data “fire hose” from reseller Gnip. Its enterprise-tier analytics offer full text search of that data, allowing brands to monitor their own blogs, competitors’ blogs and mentions of their company or product anywhere on Tumblr.

Today, Union began offering packages priced for individual users. (Users can sign up today for the beta test.) The service will provide users with free monthly traffic data, follower counts, information on who has re-blogged their content, and performance metrics on individual accounts. Users who pay $25 a month will get the same information for up to three blogs.

“When you have a post that gains popularity on Tumblr, it can be a little bit of a mystery. One of the things we can show is a network diagram that shows exactly who re-blogged your post, so we can really show you exactly where the amplification occurred,” said Davis.

Union Metric also makes TweetReach, an analytics service for Twitter, also based on data obtained through Gnip. But analyzing Tumblr is a more sophisticated task, according to Davis, because Tumblr provides more ways for users to interact with content.

Union Metrics also added two frequently requested features to its enterprise packages, which launched in November. The analytics dashboard now displays Google Analytics data and tracks blog follower counts.

As Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider, Union Metrics has had a front-row seat for the blogging network’s explosive growth before and after its May acquisition by Yahoo.

“People are really starting to understand Tumblr better and we’re seeing a big growth curve. When we first launched this product, we had talked to brands or agencies and what we heard was, ‘We’ve looked at Tumblr, but we’re not really sure what to do with it.’ The Yahoo acquisition has accelerated their progress, and it’s made large brands and agencies very comfortable with what the future of Tumblr looks like,” Davis said.

Enterprises increasingly see Tumblr as “a really fascinating hybrid of a blogging platform plus a really enormous social network,” which allows them to control the visual look of their content while also pushing it out to the dashboards of all of their followers, according to Davis.

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