Cameron Scott

Social Login Remains a Surprisingly Competitive Space

Gigya, a major provider of social login services for big-brand websites, tracks which of their social accounts users look to to sign them in to other websites. Not surprisingly, Facebook gets the biggest slice of the pie, according to Gigya data from the second quarter of this year. But Google+, as a relative newcomer in the space, has moved in hard, already earning a quarter of all social logins. And Yahoo remains solidly competitive, shedding some light on why the struggling company continues to tinker with its email service.

Adobe Puts Social First in Redesigned Marketing Cloud

Adobe today launched a rebuilt Adobe Social, which introduces data-driven tips on how to optimize social content, integration with Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram and LinkedIn, and cloud-hosted workplace collaboration features.

Major Internet Companies Ask Feds to Let Them Report National Security Requests

Tomorrow, more than five dozen Internet companies, including the major Silicon Valley players, will ask the government to allow them to release information to users about the national security requests they've handled.

Karp, on Colbert, More Supportive of Porn Than User Privacy From NSA

Last night, Tumblr founder David Karp appeared on The Colbert Report. Asked about pornography on Tumblr and the NSA's surveillance dragnet, Karp argued much more assertively for the rights of porn producers than for users who want to keep their information out of the government's hands.

Even the Red Cross Uses Social Media During Natural Disasters: Infographic

Use of social networks during natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma tornadoes has become so mainstream that even hospital staffers and the Red Cross are logging in.

Yahoo Strikes Again, Acquiring AdMovate

Yahoo announced today that it has acquired the mobile advertising startup AdMovate.

LivingSocial Kills Events Business, Lays Off Staff

The bleeding continued today at daily deals platform LivingSocial, as the Washington, D.C.-based company closed down its New York office and 86ed its local events offerings, according to a report.

Foursquare Displaying Ads After Check-Ins

Foursquare is gradually rolling out post check-in intersticial advertisements, according to reports in Ad Age and About Foursquare, with Captain Morgan rum as an early taker.

Marissa Mayer: Mere Muggle

Marissa Mayer is not a goddess. She has not managed to turn Yahoo definitively around in the first year of her tenure, according to the company's earnings report today.

Your Invisible Facebook Friends

Tech insiders frequently reference the fact that most social networks are dominated by a small number of active content creators, while a larger number of users regularly use the platform but rarely or never post content. Users of social networks, however, have yet to comprehend this dynamic. Facebook users dramatically underestimate how many people see the content that they share, according to a study released today by Facebook data scientists and Stanford University researchers.