UN Women Goes Orange to Raise Awareness About Violence Against Women

The campaign continues through Human Rights Day.

orangeurhoodYou may have noticed a lot of orange online today.

The UN Secretary General’s UNiTE to End Violence Against Women campaign kicked its “Orange Your Neighborhood” initiative into high gear. The hashtag “orangeurhood” was trending for part of the day today. And the UN Women Twitter handle was filled with photos from around the world of people surrounded by the color in a sign of unity.

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and marks the beginning of 16 days of activism , heading straight to Human Rights Day.

The UN building in New York is bathed in orange for today, and, while we’re writing, we’re waiting for the Empire State Building to go orange for the occasion.

According to a press release we received, there’s going to be a huge marathon in Mexico City, media outlets across Africa will discuss the issue, and places as diverse as India, Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan are showing solidarity. The UN would also like journalists around the world to wear the color to show their commitment to the cause and introduce the topic to audiences.

Numbers provided by UN Women say that 1 in 3 women has been the victim of physical or sexual violence, 120 million girls have been forced into sexual activity, and 133 million have undergone genital mutilation.

In 1995, the Fourth World Conference on Women resulted in a pledge that has led to a variety of laws making domestic violence a crime. So for the 20th anniversary, the UN is using this opportunity to bring additional attention to the effort.

Let’s keep up the effort through the next 16 days and beyond.