UK Promoted Trends See Engagement Rates As High As 11%

Twitter began selling its advertising products, Promoted Trends, Tweets and Accounts, in the UK in late September.

Now, Electronic Arts (EA), the second advertiser to participate in the program, has just released some statistical insight into just how effective these ads have been.

Marketing Magazine reports that EA saw some very impressive engagement rates on their first batch of UK Twitter ads.

On their Promoted Trend purchased on September 29th to promote FIFA 12, EA received a massive engagement rate of 11 percent. This is extremely higher than Twitter’s own stated average engagement rate of between 3 and 5 percent, and outperforms Facebook advertising’s 0.5 percent average engagement rate.

Along with the Promoted Trend, EA also purchased a Promoted Account, a Promoted Tweet the following day, and another Promoted Trend on October 2nd. They also purchased several Promoted Tweets along with their other ads.

EA reports that they saw an average engagement rate of 8.3 percent during its two-week campaign, again significantly higher than Twitter’s official 1.5 percent average engagement rate for similar tweets. One particular tweet – which asked Twitter users to retweet if they were picking up a copy of FIFA 12 – saw engagement rates as high as 15 percent.

Engagement, according to Twitter, is a click, retweet, reply or favorite.

These numbers prove not only that EA had a smashing success of a Twitter campaign for its new FIFA game, but that Twitter advertising in the UK is shaping up to become a booming business.

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