U.K. Prime Minister Discusses Facebook Initiative With Mark Zuckerberg

Yesterday the Prime Minister’s office posted a video of a conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and the David Cameron, the new U.K. prime minister, discussing a new initiative to engage citizens for ideas on reducing the country’s deficit. While it’s interesting to see the country engage its citizens I can only imagine the types of comments that will show up on the page. Despite the challenges, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a custom application that lets people vote or submit ideas in a more formal manner.

Ultimately the video below is pretty short, however it’s an interesting way to announce the new initiative. While we’ve yet to see how this initiative will evolve, we’ll be watching closely to see how the U.K. manages their official presence on the site. Deciding to opt out of an actual website and instead choosing a Facebook Page is pretty interesting. You can see the quick discussion between Zuckerberg and Cameron in the video below.