UFC To Pay Its Fighters $240,000 To Tweet

While the NBA and the Football Association are fining their professionals for unprofessional tweets, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will be paying its fighters to tweet – $240,000 over the next year, to be exact.

UFC’s president, Dana White (@danawhite), is already a huge fan of Twitter himself. He has nearly 1.5 million followers, he tweets regularly, and he even takes the time to @reply his fans. And now he wants his fighters to embrace 140 character communication, too.

MMAFighting.com reports that White announced a new UFC Twitter initiative at this week’s UFC Fighter Summit in Las Vegas. The organization is going to offer its fighters bonuses if they increase their Twitter follower count and get creative with their tweets.

Beginning on June 1st, the fighters will be divided into four categories based on their current Twitter follower count. At the end of each quarter, the fighters who have increased their follower count the most within each category will be given a $5,000 bonus. Bonuses will also be given to those who have increased the percentage of followers, and the ones who write the most creative tweets.

And this means that, at the end of the year, the UFC will give its fighters a total of $240,000 in bonuses for their tweeting.

If you’re a UFC fan, you’d better start compiling a list of your favorite fighters’ Twitter user names. If this incentive is any indication, they’ll be tweeting like the experts in no time.