Uber Entertainment launches Toy Rush on iOS


After briefly teasing the game in late 2013, Uber Entertainment has announced the launch of its tower defense game Toy Rush on iOS devices. The free-to-play title combines tower defense with card collection, as players build a toy army and deploy their units in both offensive attacks against others, and in defensive campaigns at home.

Toy Rush offers single player campaign missions, as well as multiplayer combat. In each of the game’s 50 solo campaigns, players take on rival toy armies to prove they have the best clubhouse of them all. Most of the game’s content is found on cards, from building upgrades to basic units, so players will collect as many cards as possible while they play to expand their gameplay possibilities.

During combat, players can drag cards onto the field to deploy units like riding bears, top-hat wearing sharks, four-wheeled cats and other toys. Each base has a different series of defenses, like gum traps, bottle rocket launchers, ball blaster towers or rubber band towers. Each unit has its own stats in terms of defensive and offensive capabilities, so players can mix and match units on the fly to find the team that works best for them.


Outside of battle, players build their own base, complete with defenses against other real players. Deck management is also available, with both premium and free card packs available for purchase. Since ‘used’ cards are eliminated during battle, players need to keep an eye on their decks to make sure they can always defend themselves during battle.

“We’re happy to announce the release of Toy Rush on the App Store, and let everyone get their hands on it. With Toy Rush, we wanted to deliver all the awesomeness of a classic genre game and throw in an extra element to spice it up,” said John Comes, Design Director at Uber Entertainment. “We think the mix of deep tower-based strategy with collectible cards is pretty special. The multiplayer is compelling too, and gives people an endless source of content.”

Toy Rush is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.