Uber Drivers Chose to Ring in 2016 at the Expense of Clients

Word of the Day: T-A-X-I.

Did you have fun on New Year’s Eve? Were you out drinking with friends?

Many people who celebrated knew they’d need a designated driver at the end of the night. In the event that they didn’t have a friend who thought kindly enough to sacrifice getting hammered, they may have chosen an Uber to get home.

And Uber was counting on that, which is why it greatly took advantage of the situation — and its customers — and spiked their prices up to 10 times the amount it should have been. Why? Because you’re drunk and like you would notice.

“Our goal is to make sure you can always push a button and get a ride within minutes — even on the busiest night of the year – and surge pricing helps ensure that choice is always available,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement to NBC Bay Area. “…Riders are repeatedly notified about the pricing directly within the app and asked to confirm and accept increased fares, or can opt for a notification when prices drop.”

Demand was high on New Year’s Eve, which is why the phenomenon of “surge pricing” exists — something so shady and popular that Uber considered patenting the term. Classy.

Whelp, your clients nationwide did notice, Uber (at least those who weren’t too hungover to notice the spike on their text receipt). They even attributed a hashtag to your expensive ride hailing service: #UberSurge.

And they think you suck. Badly. You know, again. Take it away, Twitter: