TypePad Launches Facebook Connect Integration for Bloggers

Popular blogging platform TypePad has just announced the launch of Facebook Connect integration for TypePad blogs. Although a variety of Facebook Connect plugins for bloggers and wikis has existed for several months, this is the first time TypePad authors have been able to turn on native Facebook Connect support on their blogs.

Now, readers can easily login to TypePad blogs with their Facebook accounts to make comments, share posts through the News Feed, and invite friends to check out the blog. For example, here’s how a shared story looks in the Facebook stream:

Enabling users to easily share breaking news and stories through the Facebook News Feed is an increasingly important requirement for any web publishing platform. The integration with Facebook Connect will help TypePad users save time and spread their message a little more quickly and a little farther.

In addition to the Connect integration, TypePad also recently launched new features letting readers share posts from the iPhone, as well as other tools. More details on the enhancements can be found here.

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