Twubs Releases Free Twitter Chat Tool

Twubs, creator of branded hashtag landing pages, has released a free, API-compliant Twitter chat tool that’s definitely worth checking out.

The service aggregates tweets from any Twitter client in real-time, cultivating high-quality engagement in the conversation and extra-effective moderation.

The Twubs Twitter Chat Tool allows chat organizers to create a public branded homepage for their chat, then add it to a global calendar to be discovered by new users.

The Twubs interface also parses out the host’s tweets from the other participants’, a feature missing from Twitter chats that occur in-stream – something you’ve surely found frustrating if you’ve ever joined a Twitter chat after it’s begun.

Twubs Twitter Chats also blocks spam and abuse, and is SEO-friendly.

Tony Ferraro, president and CEO of, hints,

“This is only the beginning. We will continue to develop our solution by adding features that will make Twitter Chats even more compelling.”

If you’re interested, you can schedule your own chat here.