Two Ways to Tweet via Google Buzz

The lack of integration with Twitter is one among the many complaints about Google Buzz, but ReadWriteWeb uncovered two ways to work around that limitation.

The first is Buzz2Twitter, from the creator of Reader2Twitter, which ReadWriteWeb said uses the pubsubhubbub protocol to synchronize the two services in real-time.

And the second is Buzz Can Tweet, which syncs users’ Buzz posts with links that direct Twitter followers back to the Buzz updates, according to ReadWriteWeb.

In addition, Buzz2Twitter allows users to add their accounts for link shortening and to format their tweets, according to ReadWriteWeb, while Buzz Can Tweet offers the ability to only tweet Buzz with the keyword #twitter, to exclude text after keywords, and to not link back to Buzz when the tweet is under 140 characters, all of which are customizable, as well as compatibility and the option of accessing settings via the control panel.