Two Stars Emerge from the Casey Anthony Trial?

Jose Baez

Strange and sad as it is, cases like the Casey Anthony trial have a way of turning some people into celebrities. The OJ Simpson trial had a slew of them. For this case, it’s defense attorney José Baez and Judge Belvin Perry.

José Baez earned a full profile on the Fox News website, which charts his life from his problems paying child support, to his multiple businesses, to this case. “Now Baez the Latino lawyer with just six years of experience under his belt is being called one of the best lawyers in America,” the story says.

Popeater is asking whether Judge Perry is the next Judge Judy. Unlike Baez, Judge Perry has tons of experience. And he’s got a way with words that could be well suited to TV.

Photo: Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel

“But the real draw is that he doesn’t like shenanigans going on in his courtroom, like when he let Baez have it with, ‘We’re not stopping anymore for you to get a file!’,” the blog quotes author and radio host, Cooper Lawrence.

We’ve heard a suggestion that both men may now need a good publicist. Thoughts?