Two Cleveland Newspapers Block LeBron Ad Stunt

highly questionable

ESPN’s Dan LeBatard has made his career off vitrolic opinions on sports — some are spot-on, others are not-so-much. His home is Miami and his allegiance is to the Miami Heat.

Given Lebron James’ “decision” to take his talents back to Lake Erie, LeBatard has decided that Lebron should write a thank you letter to Heat Fans. Seeing how that public plea didn’t get much traction in Cleveland, LeBatard had another idea — to purchase a full-page ad in both the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal

Upon review, his proposal was completely denied because even newspapers don’t need ad revenue that badly.

Given the bedeviled state of affairs in publishing, you would think that any paper would pounce on a blank check for a full-page ad. That’s true…most of the time.

Here’s what Dan LeBatard proposed to both papers:

full page ad lebron

Mark Cohen, publisher of the Beacon Journal, said the newspaper was first contacted Tuesday by a representative of The Dan Le Batard Show, who gladly explained his rationale for telling LeBatard where to slam dunk his ad.

“I just don’t think it was appropriate for our community. We’re proud that LeBron is back. This is his hometown, and that [ad] is not something we want to be a part of or want to take money for.”

How much did both papers really turn down in the face of allegiance for the manchild?

Jim Romenesko quoted the price of an ad in the Beacon Journal at about $12,000; Plain Dealer representatives declined to comment on the ad cost to him, but a producer told Le Batard’s co-host that it would cost about $90,000 for a full-page color ad (presumably on a Sunday).

Now, look at the ad.

LeBatard wants Lebron to thank Miami for the opportunity to play there and win two rings. MEMO to LeBatard: Miami wouldn’t have those rings if Lebron hadn’t make the choice to play there in the first place.

That is thanks enough. You’re welcome.