Two Browser Extensions Protect Facebook Data

Facebook users concerned about privacy and companies or third-party websites accessing their personal information might want to consider products such as Social Monitor or Disconnect.

Facebook users concerned about privacy and third-parties accessing their personal information might want to consider using Social Monitor or Disconnect.

Mark Milian reviewed both products for CNN, stressing the amount of information that gets shared behind-the-scenes when Facebook users install apps, like company pages, or use their Facebook logins or Facebook Connect to access third-party pages.

He added that offerings including Social Monitor and Disconnect can simplify the process of protecting user data, eliminating the need for users to dig through Facebook privacy settings. launched the web-browser extension Social Monitor yesterday; it examines applications that are connected to users’ accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and displays information on their threat levels and reputations when it comes to protecting data privacy. CEO James Siminoff told Milian his company attempted to contact the companies responsible for thousands of Facebook apps and were unable to reach several, adding:

Keeping your Facebook authorization hygienic is something that’s going to be very important. It’s becoming harder to disconnect from this stuff. Even in the top 10 [apps, in terms of users], they’re getting huge amounts of information from their customers, and you can’t find out who these developers are, where they are. This seems like a dangerous thing.

As for Disconnect, the Web-browser extension blocks Facebook, Twitter, and Google from collecting users’ browsing histories, and Milian reported that the company has incorporated since he first profiled it in December.

Readers: How concerned are you about companies and third-party app providers accessing your personal data from Facebook?