Twitter’s Fledgling Wine (And Lunch With Biz!) Auctioned Off To Support Literacy

Twitter is auctioning off bottles of its Fledgling wine, along with some other first-class items for Twitter lovers, to support worldwide literacy. From now until December 16th, you can bid on a selection of signed wine bottles, as well as two ultimate items that any Twitter fan would drool over – and proceeds will go towards Room to Read, a literacy non-profit.

As posted on Twitter’s blog, this auction offers several great items for the wine- and Twitter-lovers of the world. The Fledgling wine itself is made from 2009 Californian grapes, said to be the best of the decade. And each bottle will be hand-signed by both Biz and Ev, the co-founders of Twitter.

There are 300 signed bottles of Pinot Noir and 100 Chardonnay available on the eBay Fledgling auction site, selling for $40 a piece (you can purchase a regular, non-signed bottle for $25 from the Fledgling site itself). They are also offering 140 signed Magnum bottles, equivalent to 2 bottles of wine, for $140 a piece.

Then comes the really good stuff. Two auctions will be going to the highest bidder: a signed Methuselah bottle, equivalent to eight bottles of wine, along with lunch with Biz Stone; and an “intern for a day” package complete with lunch with Biz as well.

These two auctions have already seen some frantic bidding, and they’ve been live for just about 12 hours. The lunch + wine auction is currently at $1,000, and the intern for a day auction is at just over $600.

100% of the proceeds of these auctions and the sale of Fledgling wine year round go towards Room to Read, a non-profit literacy group, and will be specifically used to build a library in Uttarakhand India.