There’s Still Time To Submit Your Idea To Twitter’s Fiction Festival Panel

If you have a novel idea for sharing a story via Twitter, you’ll be delighted to learn that there is still time to submit your proposal to take part in Twitter’s quickly approaching Fiction Festival!

Twitter just selected the panel of judges and will be sorting through submissions this week.

Twitter’s Fiction Festival is a pretty fantastic idea for writers seeking to self-promote. The five-day festival will be a “virtual storytelling celebration held entirely on Twitter” and it’s a great opportunity for  “authors and creative storytellers around the world to push the bounds of what’s possible with Twitter content.”

If you want to participate,  you need to submit by Thursday and include the following:

Tell us how you are going to explore content formats that already exist on Twitter — short story in Tweets, a Twitter chat, live-tweeting — or, even better, how you’ll create a new one. How will you work with our real-time global platform, where anyone can contribute to your story at any moment? The proposal must fit into the time window of our five day festival— but that means that a project could run for the length of the festival, or just for an hour.

The panel, which will decide who does or does not get to join in on the fun, has been announced. It is chock full of exceptional writers (learn more about who is on the panel specifically here), but don’t be intimidated!

These folks “come from all across the writing world” and include published authors, editors, publishing house co-founders, writing professors, a marketing director and even a distinguished writer in residence from Bard College.

Twitter is said to have already received an “incredible array of submissions from around the world thus far” and there’s time to add yours to that list! We’ll be announcing the selected writers as soon as we see them!

And don’t fret. Even if you’re not selected, you can still participate using the #twitterfiction hashtag.

Have you submitted an idea? Good luck!

(Panel image from Shutterstock)

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