Twitter's Broken, I'm Out!

Last night I was reading a post by Jason Preston about how his Twitter usage has declined drastically since the service hasn’t been working. I had noticed the same thing and after checking my details over at TweetStats it appears that my assumptions were confirmed.

If you take a look at other users on Twitter you will find a similar trend. While the top users may have throttled their Twitter usage due to Twitter downtime and general service interruptions, it appears that the site continues to attract new users. A look at Twitter’s Alexa chart confirms this. Whether or not their service is attracting new users, they seriously need to get things under control.

With yesterday’s news that the company has raised additional funding, there will soon be no excuses for the substantial amount of downtime. While I’ve decided to move elsewhere for my conversation for the most part and may not be the only one, not everybody is running for the exits. The people I’m following still appear to be active.

Unfortunately though I can rarely check my Twitter while on the go because the Twitter app on my Blackberry is now pretty much rendered useless thanks to Twitter’s limits on API calls. So where are your conversations going on? Are you still using Twitter or have you moved to other services like Plurk and FriendFeed?

My Twitter Usage

Twitter Usage Graph