Who Does Good On Twitter? @TwitterGood!

Continuing up our recurring Pay It Forward Friday posts, we focus this week on a Twitter account that’s . . . actually Twitter – @Twittergood.

Did you know this account existed? You do now!

Twittergood shares information on ways nonprofits and others can use social media to support their efforts. It also shares success stories and highlights folks attempting to do good around the world. Why?

Being a force for good is at the heart of that mission. Looking outside the walls of Twitter HQ we see lots of good stuff happening all the time, which invokes an incredible sense of hope that keeps us going.

The open exchange of information is just beginning to become an everyday part of how the world communicates. As folks like you spread positive knowledge through the platform, we’ll be collecting it and highlighting good social movements that you might want to get involved in.

Here are some of the causes they feature on their site, Hope140.org:

And probably the most interesting is the one that accompanies the #betternow hashtag:

So, although the #betternow hashtag seem to be overtaken with silly unrelated tweets, we can still use it! Tell the Twitterverse how you’re making someone’s life (or even day) #betternow.

(Hope image from Shutterstock)

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