Twitter VP Of Product Jason Goldman Announces Departure

Twitter’s VP of Product announced his impending departure from the company at a European conference this morning. His role in the company was significant, and news of his departure means that Twitter will lose someone who worked very closely on the new Twitter design.

Goldman has been with Twitter since the early days, signing on as VP of Product in 2007. He worked on Twitter’s early UI, and more recently oversaw the launch of the new Twitter interface.

Goldman announced on stage at the LeWeb conference in Paris, France that he would be leaving Twitter as the VP of Product at the end of December, but maintaining an advisory role at the company. He did not say where he would be going next.

A few minutes after this announcement, Goldman, of course, updated his Twitter:

He also included the top three things that he was most proud of accomplishing during his time at Twitter. These included:

  • 1) “The amazing product and design team we’ve built. It’s an honor to work with people who are more talented than you are.”
  • 2) “A lot of unglamorous tasks. Like running SQL against the live db to get the number tweets per sec during Election 2008”
  • 3) “Building a company based on common values like open communication, ambition tempered by humility … bad jokes.”

And he had some parting words for the Twitter employees he would be leaving behind as well:

Thanks so much everyone at Twitter for the best job I could ever imagine. It’s been amazing and I think the future will be even brighter.