Twitter Use At Work Is On The Rise [REPORT]

Do you take 10 minute here, 3 minutes there to check in to Twitter while you’re at work? If so, you’re not alone: It’s becoming increasingly more common for employees to use Twitter while on company time according to the latest report.

Palo Alto Networks, a computer security firm, analyzed web traffic at over 2,000 organizations across the globe to see where all of our bandwidth is going.

Interestingly, the overall amount of social network use among employees at these organizations hasn’t gone up, but the amount of time spent on individual networks has shifted.

Facebook fell from 54 percent in November 2011 to just 37 percent of all social network use at work in May 2012.

And during that same period, Twitter use at work jumped from 11 percent to 21 percent.

Tumblr also accounts for a sizable chunk of workplace social networking with 10 percent of the pie, and Pinterest holds one percent (but you can bet that will rise in a few months).

While Twitter’s use at work is definitely increasing, all social media activity during work hours only accounts for one percent of total in-office bandwidth consumption according to this report.

Still, bosses seem to be annoyed at that tiny one percent of their bandwidth you’re wasting. A recent survey conducted in April suggests that 47 percent of employers are upset at the amount of time their employees spend on Twitter.

And even employees might not really like all this workplace tweeting, with another, UK-based survey showing that 44 percent of employees believe using social media negatively impacts their workplace environment.

So where do you sit in this debate? Do you think employees should be allowed to use Twitter and Facebook at work? Or should employers put their foot down and block all social networks? Let us know in the comments below.

(People at work image via Shutterstock)

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