‘Twitter Tussle’ Pits Two Words Against Each Other In A Popularity Battle

What’s more popular on Twitter, “love” or “hate”? “iPhone” or “Android”? “Bieber” or “Gaga”? You can find out using this fun little app called Twitter Tussle, which will pit two words against each other to see which one is the popularity victor.

One word of warning: This is a seriously addictive time-waster.

The app itself is ultra simple. You just visit TwitterTussle.com and enter any two words into the two text boxes in the middle of the page. Hit “Tussle” and the magic happens.

Two blue Twitter birds (who are likely both named Larry) will enter the ring, each fighting for his respective word. They’ll enter a mighty battle, where only one survives. Because they are clearly identical twins, it’s hard to pick one out and root for him, but you can still watch them battle their little blue hearts out.

Of course, only one can win, and it will be the bird who represents the word that is more popular on Twitter.

Take a look at the results of the epic battle between love and hate on Twitter:

It looks like Twitter users prefer love to hate, four times over.

Once you set those little blue birds onto each other, I bet you’ll want to see more. It’s kind of addictive, entering two words and then watching an adorable yet epic battle.

What are some words that you’d want to see battle on Twitter?