Twitter Drives More Traffic To The Guardian Than Any Other Social Media Platform

Speaking at the recent #TweetsFromTheTop Twitter event for chief executives, Guardian News & Media CEO Andrew Miller announced that Twitter drives more referral traffic for key breaking news stories to The Guardian than any other social media platform.

10% of the newspaper’s online traffic currently comes from social media, and Twitter plays an integral role.

Miller said,

“Twitter has really helped the Guardian. We’re at the heart of breaking news. Twitter is the fastest way to break news now. So [it’s] core to what we do… on a daily basis.”

For example, the biggest breaking news story of 2013 – NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden – was credited to the Guardian, specifically its Twitter account.

According to Miller,

“It took an hour before the breaking news stations got this this.”

Indeed, the Snowden story is reported to have set a one-day traffic record for, attracting nearly 7 million unique browsers.

Check out this video interview with Miller for more on Twitter’s role in moving the Guardian needle:

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