Twitter Tops List Of Social Network With Most Buzz In 2011

It might be over 5 years old, but Twitter’s novelty still hasn’t worn off: the social information network is this year’s most-buzzed-about social network.

As Mashable reports, Twitter beat out second-place LinkedIn and 2010’s winner YouTube to become the social network with the most buzz in 2011.

Based on research from digital marketing agency Zeta Interactive, Twitter came out on top in terms of the volume of social media chatter on the web and its tone.

Zeta Interactive looked at more than 200 million blog and social media posts to determine the number of times a social network was mentioned, and calculated the positive or negative sentiment attached to come up with the tone of these mentions.

Twitter’s volume outranked all others on the list (yes, including Facebook), and it had an 83 percent positive buzz factor. Words associated strongly with Twitter included “Tweet”, “quick”, “celebrities”, “fast” and “breaking”.

After Twitter, LinkedIn saw the most buzz in 2011, with an even higher positive sentiment ratio at 92 percent. And its associated words, including “business”, “professional” and “resume” show that it is in a completely different category of social network than Twitter.

Twitter’s most direct competition, Facebook, placed fourth on the list of buzz-iest social networks. Its 70 percent positivity rating was the lowest of all the networks in the top ten, but its volume ensured it a place in the top five.

Other popular networks on the list included YouTube (#3), Groupon (#7) and flickr (#8).

Mashable notes that the late July launch of Google+ prevented it from making it into the top 10. It ranked #12, with 89 percent positive buzz.

(Via Mashable)