Twitter to Sell Ads in Thailand Through Local Digital Agency

McFiva (@McFiva), a full service digital agency, has reportedly been given the rights to sell Twitter ads in Thailand. The company is the first in Thailand to partner with Twitter, but will likely not gain exclusive rights to serve Twitter ads.

The Bangkok Post reported on Wednesday that Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts on Twitter will be offered to businesses in Thailand through McFiva.

The digital agency will manage and provide all of Twitter’s Promoted Products for Thailand customers. Their Twitter-related services will come under the umbrella of “TwitMedia”, and will work similarly to current US-based advertisements on Twitter.

Interested buyers will be charged a standard rate from Twitter for a Promoted Product, which will be based on engagement (clicks, favorites, retweets, etc.). McFiva will earn a management fee on top of this.

According to McFiva’s managing director Supachai Parchariyanon, McFiva is also seeking to become the sole provider of Twitter ads, but the prospects of Twitter signing on exclusively with a single ad service agency are slim.

As the Bangkok Post reports, there are apparently 450,000 total Twitter users in Thailand, and 100,000 of these are active. And their stats also show that there are over 1 million tweets in the Thai language each day – a sizable chunk of Twitter’s reported 155 million tweets per day globally.