Twitter Ticking Off New York State Supreme Court Judge

Twitter’s continued resistance to comply with a subpoena to release tweets from Occupy Wall Street protestor, Malcolm Harris, has placed the blue bird in deep dodo with a New York State Supreme Court Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino Jr.

According to Bloomberg, Judge Sciarrino has given Twitter until September 14 to turn over either Harris’ tweets or Twitter’s earnings statements from the last two quarters – so he can decide on a fine!

In a battle that everyone is (or should be) watching, particularly folks in Australia who are not pleased with Twitter’s reluctance to release user info, the microblogging platform has stood firm in its insistance that the subpoena tramples users’ Constitutional Rights and should not be enforced. This has gone back and forth and back again since February and it’s anyone guess what Twitter will do next.

But Bloomberg reports Judge Sciarrino is done playing games.

The judge had asked Twitter to show why it wasn’t in contempt of court after refusing to produce information about Twitter posts by protester Malcolm Harris in response to a subpoena from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

“I can’t put Twitter or the little blue bird in jail, so the only way to punish is monetarily,” Sciarrino said.

What do you think Twitter’s next move will – or should – be?

(Jail bird image from Shutterstock)

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