A Look Inside Majorca’s Twitter-Themed Hotel

Digital detox vacations have surged in popularity lately, yet 57% of people would not give up social media on vacation even for a 25% discount on their hotel stay.

If you fall into the latter category, you might want to take a look at booking a stay at what is likely the world’s very first Twitter-themed hotel: Sol Wave House in Majorca, one of Spain’s Mediterranean Islands.

Sol Wave House, open for just a year on Majorca’s Magaluf Beach, has a virtual community called #SocialWave managed by the hotel’s social media director Marco Fantón.

#SocialWave is basically “a fun and interactive extension” of guests’ real-world vacation experience:

· Guests can tweet to each other through a specially designed web app only available via the hotel’s WiFi. The network lets guests share pictures and private messages with each other, and even exchange virtual “kisses” (like Facebook pokes).

· Every poolside Bali bed has a hashtag – #BaliBed1, #BaliBed6, etc. – so guests can tweet each other based on their location, and will even eventually be able to tweet food and drink orders right from their seat.

· The hotel hosts Friday #TwitterPoolParty events that encourage guest tweetups.

· There are #TwitterPartySuites for up to four people, stocked with Twitter-blue champagne, balloons, and candies. Plus, a mirror with a mustache sticker in the middle offers tweetable photo opps, and concierges field guests’ Twitter requests, such as #FillMyFridge.

· Sol Wave House also serves Twitter-themed shots:

Future plans include enabling guests to make song requests to the DJ and meal requests to the hotel’s chefs via Twitter.

Does the Sol Wave House sound like somewhere you’d want to stay? Or would you rather unplug on vacation?

(H/t: Time. Hotel images via Melia Hotels International.)