Twitter Spelling Report Card: Grading Obama, Palin and Kanye

What grade do you think Barack Obama would get for his Twitter spelling? How about Sarah Palin? You’d probably guess pretty close to those two, but how about the other seven celebrities on this Twitter spelling report card? While we know that 140-characters can sometimes restrict the spelling of your to “ur”, celebs had better watch their tweeted lingo or else be prepared for a big fat “Fail” on this report card. We’ve got the results below.

Compiled by Chris Menning, Associate Editor at BuzzFeed for urlesque, this celebrity Twitter spelling report card shows that you don’t have to truncate your tweets using made up words in order to get a message across on Twitter – but that a lot of people do.

Of the nine celebrities that Menning evaluated, only Obama got “Excellent”. There was a “Creative” and an “Eloquent, but prolific to a fault” given out, so we guess that Lady Gaga and Roger Ebert respectively deserve a nod when it comes to Twitter spelling too.

Unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin got a “Needs improvement”, a rating that we think was only bumped up from something lower due to the Oxford American Dictionary recognizing one of her Twitter misspellings as word of the year.

Take a look at all of the celebrity Twitter spelling scores in the full report card below: