Twitter Shaking Over SF’s Earthquake

Tweeters are still commenting on how California had orchestrated a statewide earthquake drill earlier the day of the earthquake.

A magnitude 3.9 earthquake struck the Bay Area Thursday mid-afternoon, causing unknown damage. However, a flurry of tweets rumbled across the Internet informing the world that the quake hit almost 22 years since the last huge earthquake in 1989.

The quake rocked along the Hayward fault line near Berkeley at 2:41 p.m. local time. Tweeters reported feeling the quake across San Francisco — interrupting meetings, Gadget Lab podcast and overall productivity as the tweeters seemed compelled to share their experience on Twitter.

According to Mashable, one user tweeted about the “gently swaying artwork at the San Francisco MOMA”. Almost 24 hours have passed and tweeters are still commenting on how California had orchestrated a statewide earthquake drill earlier the day of the earthquake.

OSM reports Twitter is the unofficial earthquake warning service as reported during the Virginia earthquake in late August and the horrific magnitude 9.0 that caused so much destruction in Japan last March.

It may be hard to believe, but Mashable also reports the speed of the Internet indicates it is “becoming increasingly common for Twitter users in outlying areas to read about quakes before they experience them.”