Kenna McHugh

Looking for an SEO Job? NYC and LA Are the Places to Be [Infographic]

Still, the demand for SEO professionals is obvious. It is finding the markets that really provide the best value for the opportunity of work that is important.

BaconReader — The Unfortunately Named Best Way to Read Reddit on your Android Phone

BaconReader is the only Reddit app for Android with NSFW (Not Safe for Work) notifications and advanced subreddit management tools, including subreddit grouping and a favorites featuring system.

Has Facebook Killed Email? [Infographic]

Visible Gains designed this infographic about effective ways to communicate over the Internet. From the looks of it, email is far from dead and here to stay.

Groupon Faces Investigation by U.K. Office of Fair Trading

Groupon, one of the largest Internet daily-deal sites, is under investigation by Britain’s competition regulator. The regulator is inspecting the possibility of unfair promotions and exaggerated savings. No surprise here […]

How The Internet Looked in 1996 vs 2011 [Infographic]

This infographic takes a nostalgic turn and shows us how things looked in 1996 on the Internet compared to how they look today. It’s hard to believe the system actually changed that much in just 15 years.

LinkedIn Goes Latino Opens Office in Brazil

It appears LinkedIn is ready to expand rapidly in Latin American and has selected Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira to head the LinkedIn Brazil operations. He will focus on a campaign to lead an increase of awareness and adoption of LinkedIn in the Latino country, with efforts aimed at user engagement, general operations, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing.

Napster Fuses with Rhapsody

Will we miss the iconic site? Some former users may have forgotten that it was still around. Some users may not be surprise that Napster is being gobbled up by Rhapsody.

New Little Printer Prints Receipt-sized Daily Newspaper

A bold new product is arriving from BERG that plans to redesign personalized publishing, by printing news from Facebook, Foursquare and The Guardian. The Little Printer is an ideal social media […]

Mayor of Tampa Using Foursquare… to Become Mayor Again

Tampa’s Foursquare users are going toe-to-toe with real-life Mayor Bob Buckhorn. They are competing for the “mayor” title on the Web service. The competition started when Buckhorn initiated his own Foursquare account to engage citizens on his whereabouts in their city.

Founders of Social Media Companies Offer Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

The founders of companies including social news service Reddit, Web video service college social networking venture 2tor briefed an assembly of 150 high-school and college students from the D.C. area on how to start a business from nothing.