Twitter Is Celebrating Ramadan With Emoji, Periscope Hearts and a TV Guide Bot

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins Friday and runs through Saturday, June 24

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The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins Friday and runs through Saturday, June 24, and Twitter is helping users celebrate with special emoji, custom Periscope hearts and a Ramadan TV guide bot in the Middle East.

Kinda Ibrahim, Twitter’s media partnerships director for the Middle East and North Africa, shared details on the social network’s Ramadan initiatives in a blog post.

Several Ramadan-related hashtags will trigger the crescent moon emoji, the glass of yoghurt representing the spirit of iftar or the lantern emoji reflecting the cultural spirit of the holy month.

Similarly, on Periscope, Ramadan-related hashtags will trigger custom hearts that will transform into crescent moons.

The Ramadan TV guide bot enables users in the Middle East to send direct messages to Arabic entertainment news portal @FilFan and specify which category they are interested in—channels, series, TV shows and now showing—after which they will receive return DMs with TV listings and recaps.

Other Ramadan content on Twitter will include question-and-answer sessions with celebrities and experts; live 360-degree videos from multiple broadcasters and other livestreamed content such as a Ramadan miniseries, live episodes and behind-the-scenes fare.

Finally, Ibrahim detailed several Ramadan initiatives the social network is undertaking in Indonesia:

In Indonesia, we’re partnering with several partners to enliven the Ramadan experience and make it easier for Indonesians to find Ramadan-related information on Twitter.

  • @MasakTV will provide daily video recipes during Ramadan. By Tweeting #masakapa (what to eat) to @MasakTV, you will receive Ramadan related recipe videos. By Tweeting #jajandimana (dine out) along with the name of a cuisine or dish to @MasakTV, you will receive an auto-reply with recommendation of the nearest restaurants serving that.
  • We’re partnering with leading radio stations in the country, @Jak101fm and @gen987fm, to host regular Periscope and Q&A sessions, all to be broadcast live via their Twitter accounts. The radio stations will also have regular sessions where their listeners are challenged to tweet photos and videos on certain topics related to Ramadan.
  • @netmediatama TV will be integrating Twitter within its Sohoor programming for one of the most popular variety shows, Ini Sahur (@Ini_Talkshow), to allow its live audience to engage with the celebrity guests and hosts in real-time. People can also Tweet to @netmediatama with #ramadhan to get daily prayer times, iftar times and videos of short sermons in their DMs.
  • @KaskusTraveller, part of @Kasksus, one of Indonesia’s largest online communities, will be broadcasting regular content on Periscope and video on Twitter while waiting for Iftar. The topics will vary each week and will be related to Ramadan, from tips on what to do during iftar, to unique iftar food from different cities in Indonesia, to preparation of mudik or homecoming season. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.