Twitter Hiring Public Policy Expert In D.C. To Fight For Your Right To Privacy

Twitter seems to be constantly harassed by “the man.” In an effort to protect its users’ privacy, Twitter will not release your account info without VERY good reason – and this stance just ticks governments around the world off to no end.

But now it seems Twitter may be mounting a counter-offensive. The microblogging giant is currently seeking a public policy expert to duke it out for them in D.C.

With the UK threatening to hold Twitter liable in the future if it doesn’t reveal bullies’ identities to a French court demanding to know who sent anti-Semitic tweets and Australians authorities just all around frustrated with Twitter’s reluctance to help them identify Twitter trolls, we’re guessing the blue bird is singing a sad song of late. At least when it comes to protecting user privacy (otherwise it’s sitting pretty).

Heck, even if all of THAT didn’t hurt Twitter’s heart, even the good old US of A, Twitter’s home country, committed the biggest smackdown of all last year when a New York court demanded it hand over tweets from an Occupy Wall Street protestor or face steep financial penalties.

But now it seems they plan to fight back against these privacy pirates, with this public policy job they posted. It’s based in D.C.

This role requires the ability to explain the dimensions of Twitter’s product strengths and strategic vision to the media, as well as to government and policy experts. The ideal candidate brings solid know-how on such issues as free expression, patents, privacy, cybersecurity and corporate affairs — preferably from experience in government affairs or political or advocacy campaigns.

This person will be “a go-to contact in D.C. for Twitter’s perspective on relevant policy issues.”

THIS will be an interesting hire to keep an eye out for. Any guesses on the position’s first order of business? Let the games begin!

(Boxer image from Shutterstock)

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