These Researchers Think They Can Identify Psychopaths From Their Tweets [STUDY]

Think you’re playing safe with your tweets? Think again.

Researchers from the Florida Atlantic University and The Online Privacy Foundation have discovered a link between the words we tweet and whether or not we’re… psychopathic.

This study was a result of a crowdsourced contest held by The Online Privacy Foundation between May 14 and June 29.

They asked over 3,000 volunteers a series of questions about their personality and synched the answers up with their Twitter habits. The researchers then matched up certain words used frequently by Twitter-ers to their personality, to determine whether they exhibit psychopathic tendencies.

So how are we outing our inner psychopaths on Twitter?

Apparently, overusing words like “die”, “bury” and “kill” could mean you’ve got a bit of crazy in you. And, while they might have a violent association, you’d be surprised at how often they slip into everyday conversation.

And here’s the study’s shocking outcome: Of the 3,000 volunteers studied, 1.4 percent could potentially be psychopaths.

But, as Cnet reports, the researchers caution that the study is far from scientific as of yet. Just because someone scores highly on the Twitter psychopath scale doesn’t mean they should be locked up.

(Insane man image via Shutterstock)