Twitter Reacts To The PS4 [STATS]

Sony’s PlayStation 4 was released to much fanfare on Friday November 15th. But just how much of that fanfare was positive?

Media monitoring and analysis company MediaMiser conducted a detailed analysis of the buzz on Twitter during the highly anticipated next-gen console launch.

They tracked the hashtag #PS4, which was the most popular being used to talk about the console.

Right at the stroke of its midnight launch, there were just under 4,000 mentions of #PS4 per 15 minutes.

Following this, the chatter dipped a bit until about 6am, when One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson tweeted about his new PS4 – surging the tweets per 15 minutes to about 5,500, the highest point during the day.

One particularly good-hearted story that MediaMiser found surrounding the launch was Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant generously buying five others their PS4 while waiting in line. Now that’s good karma!

But not all of the chatter around the PS4 launch was positive. MediaMiser found that 0.02 percent of all #PS4 tweets mentioned broken consoles. Still, this is less than Sony’s official count of less than 0.04 percent of shipped consoles likely having issues.

Stay tuned for more analysis of how the Twitter reaction to the PS4 launch compares to Xbox One next week!

(Source: MediaMiser; Gamepad image via Shutterstock)

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