Your Tweets Reveal Your Personality [STUDY]

A group of researchers at IBM’s Almaden Research Centre in San Jose, California, can interpret your personality just based on 50 of your tweets.

Skeptical? Read on.

Back in 2010, an academic at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Tal Yarkoni, published research on the determination of bloggers’ personalities based on their writing.

His suggestion that digital writing is fertile ground for personality research makes sense given that market researchers and behavioural psychologists have long been able to gauge a person’s disposition through their print writing.

And now the team of IBM researchers, lead by Eben Haber, are applying that notion to Twitter. They’ve analyzed three months’ worth of data from 90 million users, and have so far been able to “gauge someone’s personality reasonably well from 50 tweets, and even better from 200.”

The team is matching word use with two sets of traits not directly related to personality: values (things deemed to be good, beneficial and important – think loyalty, accuracy and self-enhancement) and needs (things people feel they can’t live without – think excitement, control or acceptance).

So is Twitter the new personality test?

If so, researchers may be able to provide marketers and advertisers with deep intel about your personality for ultra-customized targeting.

At the moment, the system is being tested by a financial-services company. If all goes well, according to The Economist, Haber hopes to launch it commercially by the end of the year.

Many have done research on common “social media personality types.” Want to see which one you fall into, before Haber’s research is able to pin yours down? Check out the following infographics.

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