Musicians Make Connections On Twitter

Twitter is a great place to witness celebrity meltdowns firsthand, but it’s also a great place for them to make connections. And for musicians, this is helping more of them leap right past that “awkward introduction” phase straight to “let’s collaborate!”

The folks over at Social Times were able to sit down with The Flaming Lips’ lead singer Wayne Coyne to discuss just that. Coyne stopped in on his way to a 24-hour bus tour from Memphis to New Orleans for MTV’s O Music Awards and he had a lot to say about Twitter and the connections he’s been able to make thanks to it.

Coyne says musicians – and everyone really – can use social media to create their own little worlds. And his Twitter feed is certainly representative of that! He tweets photos and videos and all kinds of unexpected things, like this post about a cat catching and killing a moth. Looks like a bee to me!

Regardless, the insect is dead and you have video to watch – check it out:

Are you a Flaming Lips fan? And are you looking forward to hearing the songs they recorded with Ke$ha as much as we are?

(Flaming Lips image from Shutterstock)