Twitter Music App Tumbles Out Of Top Ten

Since Twitter Music launched 11 days ago, it has seen its share of hype – and popularity. But it appears its 15 minutes of fame are over.

Twitter Music is currently in a free fall right now, plummeting from its spot in the top ten to #117. Will it continue to drop?

Twitter Music initially launched for a select few influencers in an effort to build buzz – and it worked: As soon as it was REALLY available, Twitter users flocked to the app with a quickness, shooting it to the Top Ten Free iPhone Apps of the Week:

But that was last week. This week, it looks like the allure has been short-lived. For although big brother Vine is still in the top ten, Twitter Music , Vine’s annoying little sister, has fallen from grace. According to AppData, Twitter #music now occupies slot #117. Here’s how the slippery slope looks:

It’s still in the top ten music apps (for now), but even if it levels out and hangs on this spot for a bit, hovering this close to “not in the top ten” here as well – and not even two weeks after its huge launch – HAS to be disappointing.

Vine, on the other hand, the handy like six-second video app many users love to hate, is standing strong. Not only is Vine #3 for top free apps, it’s #1 for top free apps in the social networking genre.

So maybe “music” isn’t such a hit (so far), but give a raise to the folks behind Vine, huh?

Are you surprised by this info? Here’s hoping Twitter’s newly announced partnership with #Trending10 will give Twitter Music a much needed boost. We’ll see!

(Image from Shutterstock)