Twitter Now Lets You Upload Photos To Its Mobile Site… If You Use An iPhone Or Android

Twitter has been testing out a new feature on its mobile site: the ability to upload photos captured directly from the user’s smartphone or uploaded from the phone’s photo library.

If you’re sitting there thinking “Yeah, but is this really news? I’ve been posting photos to Twitter from my phone for ages!” think again.

Twitter had previously included similar functionality in its official apps for smartphones, but not in its mobile site.

The new feature was spotted by Sociable who caught Twitter’s mobile product manager, Sung Hu Kim, tweeting a photo of a “sunset and a jet” and then announcing that that photo was shared – likely for one of the first times outside of testing – via Twitter’s mobile website.

Sociable notes that the mobile upload feature is currently available in the browser on Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and above, and The Next Web figured out that it’s also available on Apple’s iOS 6 software (which is still in private beta).

I tested the ability to upload onto Twitter’s mobile website using my Samsung Galaxy S III and the process was smooth and quick:

Twitter launched its photo uploading service in August 2011. At the time, it angered many developers who had built their business on integrating photos with Twitter, such as TwitPic and Yfrog, but it has since become the most popular way to share photos on Twitter.

(Camera phone image via Shutterstock)