Twitter Marches on Washington; Adam Sharp Becomes First D.C. Employee

Twitter is invading the nation’s capital, hiring C-SPAN executive producer Adam Sharp, a former top staffer for Sen. Mary Landreiu (D-La.), to establish a presence in Washington, D.C., The Huffington Post reported.

Sharp told HuffPost he will not be lobbying on telecommunications-policy issues, describing his mandate as “working with members of Congress and the Executive Branch (to help) use Twitter as a vehicle for constituents,” and he added:

There are definitely several examples on both sides of the aisle of people who have taken tremendous advantage of the platform already. This election in particular has shown the impact that Twitter has on the process. But it is a big government. And, as with anything, you have the early adopters who set the tone and demonstrate the high value, and then there is the next tier that just want to do something more but don’t have the knowledge or appreciation of the tools.

There are no plans to hire anyone else for the Washington office, according to HuffPost.