Twitter Can Help You Lose Weight [STUDY]

Mary has written before about how successful the #tweetwhatyoueat initiative can be for dieters.

And now a study at the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health substantiates those findings.

Those who participated in a weight loss program led by researchers had more overall success when they used Twitter to receive and share information.

Plus, every 10 posts to Twitter by the test group corresponded with about 0.5% weight loss, the study said.

Here’s how it worked:

The study — conducted among 96 overweight and obese men living in a metropolitan area during a six-month period — assigned participants to two groups: One that listened to only podcasts to help with weight loss and another that coupled podcasts with mobile phone use.

The latter group followed each other on Twitter, providing social support via status updates like, “I went to the gym today. Felt great!”

Users in the mobile group used Twitter daily to read and post messages. In addition, weight loss counselors tweeted participants twice a day with information and words of encouragement.

The findings? To reiterate: those who actively engaged with Twitter during the study lost more weight.

The team is now looking at Facebook to see if it provides the same support to would-be successful dieters.

Have you ever used Twitter as a dieting support system?

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