This Twitter-Powered Knitting Machine Is Making Sweaters For Designated Drivers

Well, file this one in the “one of the more creative marketing campaigns we’ve seen” drawer.

Budweiser wants to give something special to all the designated drivers out there this holiday season. But they’re not showing their gratitude with a simple tweet – they’ve built a knitting machine powered by tweets that is furiously pumping out holiday sweaters.

Digital Trends has the scoop on this neat Twitter-centric campaign from Budweiser.

Throughout the month of December, Budweiser’s Knit Bot will spend its days knitting red and white sweaters that read “Merry Christmas, celebrate responsibly.”

These sweaters are designed to be thank-yous to the designated drivers who will be forgoing their own Budweisers this holiday season, and making sure their pals arrive alive.

But in order to produce these sweaters, Knit Bot needs one thing: tweets.

Fans of Budweiser are encouraged to take to Twitter and tweet the hashtag #jumpers4des to power up the Knit Bot and support their designated driver friends. And the designated drivers themselves can go to the Budweiser UK Facebook page to enter to win their very own ugly Christmas sweater. The contest is only open to Budweiser fans in the UK.

You can see the bot in action in the promotional video below:

(Source: Digital Trends)