Twitter Killing Off @Anywhere

@Anywhere, the way websites used to integrate Twitter into websites (from the way back 2010 time) is disappearing.

Now that you can embed entire timelines into websites, there’s really no point to keep this service, now is there? So there’s no reason to pout. Unless you like hovercards, that is.

Twitter announced today that it will be “sunsetting” @Anywhere.

As Twitter for Websites has evolved, it has improved upon many of the features we introduced with @Anywhere: Tweet box, follow, linkify a @username, sign-in, and the hovercard. As a result, we are sunsetting @Anywhere and focusing on continuing to build out Twitter for Websites.

So what happens if you’re an @Anywhere user? Well, you have some reading to do. Twitter for Websites offers alternatives and instructions on how to implement the following features:

  • Follow and Tweet
  • Linkify an @username
  • Sign-in

What about hovercards? Alas, the hovercard “is the one piece of functionality for which we won’t provide an alternative, as we haven’t seen it deliver the value to users we hoped for. “

You’re welcome to try out the Mini-Profile Twitter Web Intent though! It “requires a clickthrough, it offers a richer set of information for a specific user, including the display of a small subset of their most recent Tweets.” Sounds like a better alternative actually.

How long do you an your beloved @Anywhere have until its last sunset? December 6th, 2012.

Are you an @Anywhere user and does this change worry you at all?

(Sunset image from Shutterstock)