Twitter Joins Linux Foundation, Shows Support For Open Source

In an announcement last week, Twitter joined the Linux Foundation as a Silver member, throwing its hat in with other major tech companies as a supporter of open source software.

As PC World reports, Twitter joined the ranks of Nvidia, Broadcom and Samsung as a recent addition to the Linux Foundation. Google is also a member, but notably absent from the long list of official Linux supporters is Twitter’s big brother, Facebook.

The manager of open source for Twitter, Chris Aniszczyk, discusses why the company has backed the nonprofit organization:

“Linux and its ability to be heavily tweaked is fundamental to our technology infrastructure. By joining the Linux Foundation we can support an organization that is important to us and collaborate with a community that is advancing Linux as fast as we are improving Twitter.”

The Linux Foundation notes that Twitter is powered by tens of thousands of Linux machines.

To become a Silver member, Twitter pledged $15,000 a year to the Foundation, money that will be spent on the organization’s current projects, employee/founder salary and other necessities. And it allows Twitter to have a say in future projects and Linux technology development.

The open-source nature of Linux is a favorite among developers, and currying favor with the Foundation can’t hurt Twitter right now – the company has been on rocky ground with developers since unveiling its new, much stricter, API guidelines earlier this month.