Twitter Is Third Most-Popular Website For iPhone Users

The deep Twitter integration with Apple products is paying off big time for the network. Not only has Twitter’s official photo sharing service beaten out popular third-party apps like TwitPic and Yfrog, but new data from Nielsen shows that is seeing a boost as well.

Nielsen’s State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report takes a look at the mobile media landscape in the US, examining which smartphones are the most popular, how users are engaging with content and how mobile commerce is evolving.

Part of the study ranked mobile websites based on the percentage of Android or iOS smartphone owners who used that site within the past 30 days.

And Twitter is a big winner this year.

Although Google and Facebook were first and second respectively in terms of visits on both Android and iOS, was the third most-visited site on iOS.

With 63 percent of iOS users visiting at least once in 30 days, Twitter beat out Yahoo!, Amazon, Wikipedia and YouTube. And it is likely thanks in large part to the new integration that Twitter enjoys with iOS, as did not make it into the top 10 mobile sites on Android devices.

Back in September, coincidentally when these stats were recorded, Twitter announced that it had hit 100 million monthly active users. And of these users, about 55 percent log in from a mobile device.

While there are no numbers out yet on exactly how many Twitter users are dominantly iPhone users, you can bet that a significant portion – at least of Twitter’s newest users – signed on because of the integration with the new iOS.

(Top image: Hunor Focze via Shutterstock)