Twitter Is Second Most-Watched Company On Secondary Stock Market

Twitter, despite the fact that it will remain private for the foreseeable future, is the second most-watched private company on investors’ lists. According to data from SecondMarket, a firm that facilitates investment into private companies, Twitter beat out all but one other tech company out there… can you guess which one?

I won’t leave you in suspense: it’s Facebook. The number-one most-watched company is no surprise here, as it is mulling an IPO that could see it valued at $100 billion.

But, as Mashable notes, Twitter is the real surprise on the list.

Many of the other companies on investor’s wishlists are those facing an IPO (or at least rumors of one) sometime soon. Companies like LinkedIn, for instance, which will likely see its IPO this Thursday. Or Groupon, which is preparing for a $15 billion IPO sometime this spring.

However, both Groupon and LinkedIn are behind Twitter, in third and fourth respectively.

It’s Twitter’s second-place status as the company that investors are most interested in that really shakes things up. Twitter was valued at $3.7 billion in its last round of funding this past December, but rumors and secondary trading have pushed this valuation up to as high as $10 billion. And yet, as its founders repeatedly tell the media, they aren’t considering going public any time soon.

As Business Insider notes, most of the trading done on private companies like Facebook and Twitter is through the selling off of employee stock. And another cool tidbit to come out of the SecondMarket data? VC funds have apparently stopped buying these companies altogether, while wealthy individuals make up the majority of buyers. And, perhaps to no one’s surprise, buy-side demand for tech companies like Twitter and Facebook is as high as 79% of those examined, while sell-side demand is only at about 30%.