Twitter Is Making Some Changes to How Reported Tweets Are Displayed

User feedback indicated that people do not want to keep seeing them

Users can tap on the notice to see the tweet again Twitter

Twitter announced changes to the way it displays tweets that have been deleted following enforcement action by the social network, as well as tweets that people have reported.

When a tweet is deleted after Twitter notifies the account holder that the tweet violated the Twitter Rules and he or she cannot tweet again until that action is taken, a notice will be displayed in place of the deleted tweet, stating that the tweet is unavailable because it violated the Twitter rules and containing this link for more information.

That notice will be displayed for 14 days, both on the account holder’s profile and in place of the specific tweet.

Twitter said this change will roll out on and its mobile applications in the coming weeks.

What users will see in place of a deleted tweet

Also, in response to user feedback that people do not want to continue seeing tweets that they have reported, those tweets will now be hidden behind a notice indicating that the user reported the tweet.

Should the person who reported the tweet wish to see it again, they can tap the notice to review the tweet.

Reported a tweet and don't want to see it?
Twitter David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.